We have an extensive range of oral hygiene products available at Parkside Dental Clinic.

Tooth Brushes – Available for all ages and various sizes.

Inter dental tooth brushes – a small “bottle-brush” shaped brush which provides effective cleaning around bridges, braces and wide interdental spaces.

Dental Floss – Often neglected but essential for complete oral hygiene. We generally recommend a satin floss or ribbon. This provides simple flossing action to remove plaque between teeth for a fresh, clean feeling in your mouth. It has superior strength, easy handling and comfort.

Flossettes – hand held forks designed to hold a piece of floss to allow you to floss in those “difficult to reach areas”. These are available in disposable or re-useable packs.

Chlorhexidine mouth washes – this is a proven broad spectrum antibacterial mouth and throat rinse with a broad range of clinical applications. There are over 600 scientific articles documenting its efficacy and it is great for acute gum problems.

Chlorhexidine gel – this gel can be placed in areas where there are localised gum problems.

Flouride Mouth washes – flouride is also one of our most valuable tools in dentistry! By rinsing with a flouride mouth wash you can gain extra protection against developing decay. This works particularly well in individuals who are at a higher risk of decay such as young children and people undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Tea Tree Oil mouth wash – A miracle in God’s pharmacy. Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) is nature’s strongest anti-bacterial, antiseptic substance which are available in small bottles at some local health food stores. It can work many miracles for you and your family. Being the nature’s strongest antiseptic, tea tree solution can help to heal gum disease and kill bacteria. It is used as the most important ingredient in many specialty tooth-pastes & mouthrinses. The portion of five drops of tea tree oil concentrate to one cup of water can make one very effective mouthwash. This simple solution produces result surpassing many brands of mouthwash with alcohol content. You might be pleasantly surprised by its result in just a few days! We also have a flavoured tea tree oil based mouth wash which is also not alcohol based and tastes great. It can be used daily as prescribed without staining teeth which is a common problem with chlorhexidine mouth washes.


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