2017 bought on yet another aid trip to assist Cambodia World family in their provision of providing care for the underprivileged children of Cambodia and providing training and support to the dedicated staff of this great facility in Phnom Penh.

During July 2017 we had a great opportunity to work with, and train the local staff where a considerable amount of time was spent honing the skills of the amazing nurses who act as “therapists” in controlling the dental disease in the absence of volunteers such as ourselves. They generally work under the supervision of Dr Boran who guides the treatment of the children and this provides a great service to the children who attend the facility where help is always needed but they are always heavily understaffed.


Dr Ross Napoli has long been working with underprivileged children in South East Asia. After many years serving the Born to Live Charity in Thailand, he continues the long tradition at Parkside Dental Clinic of providing aid to those most in need of basic medical and dental care.

There are many places which demand the skills of medical professionals like ourselves and Cambodia definitely ranks high on the list as one of these. According to the United Nations, up to 1 million children are currently under the care of institutions, charities and foster homes in Cambodia, with many more abandoned on the street and suffering from extreme poverty, malnutrition, poor parenting, dismantled or failed family structures.

Part of the childrens’ suffering is dental (infection, pain, fever, poor appetite) which, in the absence of treatment, can be extremely detrimental. Many children have chronic illnesses such as Hep B, Hep C and HIV which compound their problems.
Cambodia World Family (CWF) is an organisation which provides free dental care and training to local staff in order to relieve some distress in the lives of these children and return some dignity and self-respect to both children and staff. Their local staff, together with volunteer dentists form a platform for dental treatment and provide essential nutritional and health education.


We are a modern professional dental practice that has been providing patients with quality dentistry since being established in 1956.

Our aim is to work as a team to restore dental health with quality care and prevent future problems through continuing education.

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